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Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is an integrative, unifying theory and treatment developed by Dr. Jeffrey E. Young, designed to treat a variety of long-standing emotional difficulties in individuals and couples, with significant origins in childhood and adolescent development.

It is used in the treatment of personality disorders and chronic psychological disorders, and suitable for clients and patients who fail to respond or relapse after having been through other therapies (for example, traditional cognitive behavioural therapy).

Schema therapy has been found to be effective for the assessment and intervention of problematic thinking patterns and has been proven to be an effective method for assessing and providing intervention in dealing with schemas associated with eating disorder, depression, romantic jealousy, and many other issues. For more information, please visit: www.schematherapy.com

HOPEwwS specializes in family life and health education workshops and programmes based on schema therapy. Our resource counsellors are fully trained in this approach. For counselling services using schema therapy, click here.

Schema Therapy Professional Training

HOPEwwS and Louis Counselling & Training Services Pte Ltd present the Individual Schema Therapy Certification Programme in Southeast Asia, accredited by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). This programme presented in two levels enable clinicians and mental health professionals to pursue ISST membership and accreditation as ISST-certified schema therapist.

Learning Outcomes
Workshop Dates:
Learning Outcomes
Workshop Dates:

Our Trainer


Dr John Philip Louis

John Philip Louis holds a PhD from the UK (Stirling University) and has conducted research on schemas and parenting scales. His research findings were published in reputable peer reviewed journals. He is a Certified Schema Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer, and was trained directly by Dr Jeffrey Young, founder of Schema Therapist. John and his wife, Karen, are founders of Movie Therapy® and developers of schema therapy-based “Good Enough Parenting” and “I Choose Us” marriage programme.

Testimonials from Training Participants:

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For enquiries on Schema Therapy Professional Trainings, please contact Rebekah Lai at 6312 9671 or email: rebekah_lai@hopewwsea.org.

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