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Fall Prevention

Our Fall Prevention Programme is in collaboration with Health Promotion Board & Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). We believe that every step should be a confident one, especially for our seniors. With the changing seasons, we’re delighted to introduce our Fall Prevention Program designed exclusively for our esteemed elderly community.

Falls can be a significant risk for our older loved ones, impacting their independence and overall well-being. Our Fall Prevention Program is meticulously crafted to address these concerns, providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to mitigate the risk of falls. Our program is not just about preventing falls; it’s about enhancing the quality of life for our seniors. We take a holistic approach, combining evidence-based strategies with personalized assessments to create a tailored course for our participants. From physical exercises that improve balance and strength to home safety assessments and educational workshops, we do our best to cover every aspect to ensure a safer environment for our seniors.

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For CSR collaborations or volunteering opportunities under our Silvers Home Refresh programme, please contact our Community Outreach Team at 6312 9671 or email adrian_ng@hopewwsea.org