HOPE worldwide in the Region

HOPE worldwide Singapore is a member of HOPE worldwide, an international charity. Today, HOPEww serves 1.5 million people annually on every inhabited continent. Since 1993, HOPEww has established its presence in Asia to serve the poor and needy in our region.

HOPEww Cambodia

Healthcare and education have long been the hallmark of HOPE worldwide outreach in Cambodia. The Sihanouk Hospital Centre of HOPE (SHCH) was founded in 1996 to train medical professionals and to provide free, high-quality medical care for the poor and disadvantaged in Cambodia. In 2007, the HOPE worldwide Medical Centres were developed as social enterprise to meet the country’s need for access to quality, affordable primary health care. Proceeds from these medical centres help support and sustain the work of SHCH. Other notable projects include the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital and the Goldstone School of HOPE worldwide.


HOPEww Indonesia

Established in 1994, HOPE worldwide Indonesia now operates 18 Centres of HOPE strategically located in different communities to serve the poor and vulnerable families. It focuses on education and health, with computer and English training centres set up to increase the skills level of the residents. Some of the charity’s notable projects include: the Rainbow of Love Orphanage in Bogor which was built in 1996 and the Batam Centre of HOPE, an orphanage inaugurated in 2018.


HOPEww Japan

HOPE worldwide Japan was formed in 1999 in response to the challenges faced by the less-fortunate in the country. In the aftermath of the 2011 Japan earthquake, HOPEww Japan rolled out a mental health programme for its victims. Over 6,000 people have benefitted from this initiative, many of whom are afflicted by post-traumatic stress disorder. Since 2013, HOPEww Japan has shifted its focus towards helping persons with disabilities who are faced with difficulties in gaining employment. As part of its Employment Support Project, HOPEww Japan has opened two types of establishment which either provide training or stable employment for the individuals with disabilities.

HOPEww Malaysia

Since 1996, HOPE worldwide Malaysia has been committed to bringing hope to the underprivileged and disadvantaged communities by offering free healthcare, empowering people with new technology and creative skills, and building their confidence to face the world with pride in their existence and capabilities. Some of the key initiatives of HOPEww (Malaysia) include: Sentul Free Clinic of HOPE in Kuala Lumpur, Free Pediatric and Mobile Clinics in Penang, My Reading Programme, Creative Art Programme, and 1 Stop IT Resource Centre, among others.

HOPEww Thailand

Since 1998, HOPE worldwide Thailand has long been improving the social conditions of underprivileged women and children. It was bestowed with the Outstanding Public Welfare Supporter Award by the Thai government in 1993, 1995, 1999 and 2002 for its community service. HOPEww Thailand operates a Computer Training Centre at the Kredtrakam Home in Nonthanburi Province, a governmental rehabilitation centre for young women under the age of 18 struggling with various social problems. It also runs another computer centre with an after-school programme in Nontapum Home to help disabled children improve their computer skills and build their self-confidence.