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Learning Buddies

Learning Buddies [previously known as HOPE Tuition] aims to enable holistic learning for youths. This programme supports youths through the provision of free tutoring by professional educators and enrichment sessions (e.g. Arts & Craft, Outdoor Play) led by dedicated volunteers Learning Buddies who also act as positive role models and mentors to the students.

 To further bolster our programme participants’ learning, bursaries are awarded at the end of each academic semester.

From 2015 to 2022 , a total of 84 primary and secondary students have benefitted from this initiative. During school holidays, we also arrange face-to-face enrichment activities and excursions for the kids during pre-COVID times and virtual life-skill and interest-based workshops during the recent COVID period.

We acknowledge the support of corporate partners, volunteers from the Campus Ministry of Central Christian Church (CCC) and other individual volunteers for helping us with make a difference in the lives of the youth beneficiaries.


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For more information and enquiries regarding our Learning Buddies, contact our Community Outreach team at 6312 9671 or email: ian_astill@hopewwseea.org