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Azri perseveres amidst life’s challenges and finds hope and support through our HOPE for Youth Tuition Programme.

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Community Outreach

We spearhead community outreach efforts with support from our volunteers to serve vulnerable/isolated seniors, disadvantaged/at risk youths, individuals with mental and emotional challenges, and vulnerable families


Movie Therapy®

Movie Therapy® is a trademark of HOPEwwS and is a breakthrough approach to counselling. We incorporate Movie Therapy in our family life/health education and mental wellness workshops to increase self-awareness and bring about positive change, thus expanding our community impact


I Choose Us

“I Choose Us” is an evidence-informed marriage programme based on Schema Therapy which has empowered thousands of married and engaged couples to deepen their Love Connection, affair-proof their marriage, and gain awareness on their unhealthy thinking and behavior


Good Enough Parenting

Good Enough Parenting is an evidence-based programme based on Schema Therapy and incorporates Movie Therapy®. It has transformed the lives of thousands of families in Singapore and beyond

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Your generous contribution enables us to fulfill our social mission. Every donation, big or small, makes a huge difference.


Contribute your time, skills and expertise on a regular or ad-hoc basis. Enrich your life experiences as you immerse yourself in a worthy cause.


We invite you to support our Heart for HOPE United 2021. Funds raised from 12 February to 31 March 2021 will be subject to dollar-for-dollar matching under the Enhanced Matching Fund. Donations will also enjoy 250% tax deduction incentives.


We welcome CSR partnerships and philanthropy support from companies, foundations and grantmakers to address identified gaps in the sector and meet the needs in the community.