Welcome to HOPE worldwide (Singapore)

Special Announcement: Since Monday, 6 April 2020, HOPEwwS has already implemented 100% telecommuting to ensure the safety of our staff. This was put in effect after executing social distancing measures in our workplace in the preceding weeks. Clients and volunteers can contact us via this hotline: 96281148 or through email: enquiries@hopewwsea.org. We will attend to your queries and support needed throughout this “circuit breaker” period. In the meantime, we encourage all to stay safe and follow government directives meant for our good. We will overcome COVID-19 together.

  • GEP Professional Training 2020
  • Schema Therapy Professional Training 2020
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    Community Volunteerism
  • Movie Therapy® is a trademark of HOPE worldwide (Singapore). It is a breakthrough approach to counselling and community impact. HOPEwwS’ Movie Therapy® talks and workshops are very versatile and used as tools for training and creating awareness of issues, and bringing about positive change.

  • Good Enough Parenting is an evidence-informed parenting programme which draws from principles of Schema Therapy and utilizes Movie Therapy®. It has
    transformed the lives of thousands of families here and overseas. Good Enough Parenting is accredited under MSF’s FamilyMatters!@School and @Community.

  • I Choose Us is an evidence-informed marriage programme which has empowered thousands of married and engaged couples to deepen their Love Connection and affair-proof their marriage.

  • Positive Choice is an approved sexuality education programme by the Ministry of Education. It is developed  in the U.S and enhanced by HOPEwwS to suit the local context.