Welcome to HOPE worldwide (Singapore)

HOPE worldwide (Singapore) is a charity with IPC status founded in 1998. Our vision is to bring hope and change lives in six core areas: Family Life Education, Health Education, Seniors, Children, Skill Empowerment and Community Outreach. HOPE worldwide (Singapore) is a member of HOPE worldwide Global Network, an international charity.

  • GEP Professional Training 2020
  • Schema Therapy Professional Training 2020
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    Community Volunteerism
  • Movie Therapy® is a trademark of HOPE worldwide (Singapore). It is a breakthrough approach to counselling and community impact. HOPEwwS’ Movie Therapy® talks and workshops are very versatile and used as tools for training and creating awareness of issues, and bringing about positive change.

  • Good Enough Parenting is an evidence-informed parenting programme which draws from principles of Schema Therapy and utilizes Movie Therapy®. It has
    transformed the lives of thousands of families here and overseas. Good Enough Parenting is accredited under MSF’s FamilyMatters!@School and @Community.

  • I Choose Us is an evidence-informed marriage programme which has empowered thousands of married and engaged couples to deepen their Love Connection and affair-proof their marriage.

  • Positive Choice is an approved sexuality education programme by the Ministry of Education. It is developed  in the U.S and enhanced by HOPEwwS to suit the local context.