HOPE for You


HOPEwwS launched HOPE for You as a separate programme pillar in 2018 in order to expand our outreach to working professionals, clinicians, family life educators, and vulnerable adults. This strategic move will enable us to enhance our services, such as our efforts to provide expertise sharing through our specialized training programmes in Good Enough Parenting and Schema Therapy.

For many years, we have been empowering working adults in the area of mental and emotional health using Movie Therapy®, and providing counselling support services as needed by our clients. We have conducted Movie Therapy mental wellness and health education workshops to government offices, companies, schools and community organisations.

We have also conducted Movie Therapy training to school counsellors so they can incorporate this approach with their clients. In the area of community outreach, we have been working with various groups to impact the lives of individuals with mental health challenges and physical disabilities.

HOPE for You Initiatives

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For enquiries, please contact Rebekah Lai at 6312 9671 or email: rebekah_lai@hopewwsea.org