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With all the stress, fears and anxiety many of us experience due to the current pandemic, now more than ever is the best time to pursue an optimal state of health and well-being. Come join us for our new Wellness 365 Series and learn insights and practical tips to achieve holistic wellness all year around.

Programme Details:

  1. Physical Wellness The Basics: Diet, Exercise and Sleep | 22 May 10 am (completed)
  2. Intellectual Wellness Cultivating Lifelong Learning | 24 Jul 10am
  3. Emotional/Psychological Wellness Tapping on Emotions and Optimism for Personal Growth | 28 Aug 10am
  4. Occupational Wellness Pursuing Work-Life Balance | 18 Sep 10 am
  5. Social Wellness Expanding Your Social Safety Net | 30 Oct 10 am
  6. Spiritual Wellness Embracing Purpose and Meaning | 27 Nov 10am

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