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SAP awards $80K grant to HOPEwwS’ youth initiatives

SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, has awarded an $80,000 grant to HOPE worldwide (Singapore) to develop computer skills and entrepreneurship skills of at least 50 disadvantaged/at-risk youths under the HOPE for Youth Programme.

This is part of SAP’s expansion of its CSR initiatives in the region, following the company’s existing collaboration with HOPE Foundation in India.

“SAP is proud to be able to support HOPE worldwide (Singapore) to serve the local community through impactful programmes and services.  Our business objective of “Helping the world to run better by improving peoples’ lives’ is becoming a reality through support of, and collaboration with HOPE worldwide (Singapore), in their programmes for 2016 and 2017, especially for their upcoming Design Competition, to be held in September 2016,” said Mr Darren Rushworth, SAP Singapore Managing Director.

“Our SAP CSR strategy of equipping the world’s youth with skills to tackle society’s problems and thrive in the digital economy by supporting education and social entrepreneurship, is expected to nurture eventual sustainable economic growth, innovation and job creation,” Mr Rushworth added.


To support the programme objectives, HOPEwwS partnered with Designlab Innovation which specializes in building youth entrepreneurs. Designlab customized its existing youth entrepreneurship skills initiative in order for the at-risk youth beneficiaries to adapt to the course content along with other mainstream students.

SAP employees will be involved in mentoring the beneficiaries, along with other seasoned “Pathfinders”, or business mentors from the corporate sector. The youths will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas in a competition along with other students.

As part of its annual SAP Month of Service, SAP will also host the youth beneficiaries on a career office visit. The objective is to instill hope and confidence through closer engagement with the SAP team.

Mrs Joyce Tan, HOPEwwS Country Director and CEO said: “SAP and HOPEwwS share a common vision of building a sustainable future for the clients we serve. We are excited to work closely with SAP to bring hope and change the lives of the youths under this programme.”