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Positive Choice

An area of concern affecting youths in Singapore is the prevalence of early sexual experimentation and an increasing incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). In order to address this issue, HOPEwwS has been actively promoting sexuality education and healthy relationship skills through Positive Choice Programme.

Curriculum Overview

The Positive Choice Curriculum is a four-module abstinence-until-marriage programme designed to increase knowledge of the health risks associated with engaging in sexual activities outside of marriage. The focus is on creating awareness and imparting the skills that our youths need to move forward in life and achieve their goals. Each session is presented in a dynamic and interactive format with an accompanying manual and DVD.

The programme is available in 2 versions: (1) Upper Secondary level & (2) JC and Tertiary level.

  • Making Positive Choices in order to reach a “North Star”, personal goals and dreams.
  • The importance of creating boundaries called “Unshakeable Unbreakables”.
  • The importance of finding a “Dream Team,” two or three others who will support the participant’s efforts.
  • Increasing knowledge on the harmful consequences of premature sexual activity, STIs and pregnancy outside of marriage.
  • Information of the types and symptoms of STIs as well as the best way to ensure protection – abstinence-until-marriage.
  • How attitudes and beliefs about abstinence can influence sexual behaviour and risk-taking behaviour.
  • Positive consequences of having sex within the boundaries of marriage.
  • Exploration of barriers to practicing abstinence-until-marriage, such as sexual messages in the media and peer pressure, and solutions to overcome such barriers.
  • Increasing confidence and skills through a three-step strategy for refusing sexual advances and other risky behaviours. Participants practice the three-step strategy by developing “come-backs” in response to pressuring statements.
  • In-depth discussion on one of the most difficult but important parts of practicing abstinence-until-marriage: making a commitment and standing by it.
  • Reinforcement of all the information and skills that were learned in previous sessions through the use of an interactive review game.
  • Lastly, the module allows participants to bring closure to the group process and build a commitment to abstinence-until-marriage through the use of a “Letter Regarding Positive Choices”.

Each of the four modules is 90 minutes long. Each module can be taught as stand-alone modules, but it is recommended that they be taught as a full programme for better learning outcomes.

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