Milestones & History


HOPE worldwide (Singapore) or HOPEwwS was formed in 1998 as the community outreach arm of the Central Christian Church. Since its inception, community volunteerism was a key focus of HOPEwwS with its numerous & devoted volunteers who participated annually in blood donation drives, visitation to various homes, and in Community Chest’s annual Festive Care & Share Christmas Donation Drive.In Nov 2001, HOPEwwS became a Family Life Ambassador champion, in partnership with the former Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS). In July 2003, HOPEwwS set up Family Life Centres (FLEC/FLC) in six schools, providing Family Life Education (FLE) resources to parents, students, teachers and other school staff in the MCYS-initiated School Family Education (SFE) programme. Later in 2005, HOPEwwS developed a breakthrough approach, Movie Therapy® which uses movies as a counselling tool to help people deal with their life issues. Movie Therapy® became one of the first 13 social enterprise recipients of the ComCare Enterprise Fund, awarded by MCYS. Since then, Movie Therapy® has impacted the “emotionally” needy in the community through providing family life education and health education programmes.At the same time, HOPEwwS also began to expand its outreach to the increasing senior population and disadvantaged youth through its HOPE for Seniors and HOPE for Youth programmes. Since 2005, HOPEwwS has grown from being predominantly a volunteer organization to being an active family life and health education provider and a catalyst for local and global volunteerism work with seniors, youth, and children.

In early 2015, HOPEwwS together with the Central Christian Church, invited Dr Robert Enright, a foremost expert in forgiveness, to conduct a series of talks on forgiveness. A special session was conducted for clinicians, counsellors, educators, psychologists, together with invited representatives from our counterparts in Asia.

To help strengthen marriages and families in Singapore, HOPEwwS is pleased to introduce secular versions of I CHOOSE US (ICU) Marriage Programme and Good Enough Parenting (GEP) Programme in the community starting 2015. ICU and GEP are breakthrough programmes which incorporate Movie Therapy® and key principles of Schema Therapy. Participants learn practical tips in marriage and parenting as well as insights to breaking harmful cycles and lifetraps (distorted views of oneself and the world).

In 2017, HOPEwwS organized the first Good Enough Parenting – Professional Training. There were over a hundred participants from Singapore, Japan, U.S., Australia, Cambodia and India comprising psychologists, doctors, therapists, counsellors, social workers, lay leaders and youth/parent mentors.