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J&J Changed the Lives of 46 Seniors Living in Run-down Homes

A total of 46 seniors from Sengkang, Jalan Kukoh and Jalan Bukit Merah had improved home living conditions, after their units were cleaned and painted by volunteers of Johnson & Johnson.

The seniors are mostly single with very little family support and are staying in the low-income rental blocks. They also present with medical conditions.

In addition, 162 seniors from COMNET Senior Activity Centre (SAC), Kreta Ayer SAC, Thong Keng (SAC) were befriended by J&J volunteers as well as cleaning, painting and befriending activities which took place on four weekends in June to July 2017.

Spearheaded by J&J Asia Pacific Contributions Committee (APCC), a record number of 395 J&J staff and management team from various divisions and region participated in this year’s volunteerism with HOPEwwS, as part of their internal Home Refresh initiative, in support of the Hope for Seniors programme.

The volunteers were involved in home visitation and assessment of cleaning/painting needs, to buying cleaning materials, and the actual scrubbing of floors, windows, decluttering, painting, and organising befriending activities. To reduce the chances of them having fall injuries, anti-slip bath mats and tap-on LED lights were installed to the seniors’ homes, as part of the Fall Risk Reduction Programme.

J&J’s active volunteerism partnership under Hope for Seniors started since 2009 and has expanded into Home Refresh since its 2011, with only 123 volunteers painting five one-room units and befriending 55 seniors. This year, the project has expanded to 395 volunteer strength and 46 units cleaned and painted.

Patrick, one of the volunteers, shared: “It’s a good team bonding activity and our group enjoyed it. It’s like painting for our own parents, so why not start with helping someone else’s parents. We’ve had this activity for many years and we hope to continue for more years to come. Hopefully the seniors liked our painting.”

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