Active Ageing Workshops

Active Ageing Workshops

Using Movie Therapy® , HOPE worldwide (Singapore) has developed a series of Active Ageing Workshops to raise awareness among older adults of the importance of positive mental health and to equip them with skills to build their psychological, social and emotional well-being. Each 1.5-hour interactive module is conducted in English and Mandarin and uses local and regional movie clips to engage the audience. Close to 1,000 seniors have attended our workshops conducted at senior activity centres, National Libraries, community clubs, and others.

Module 1 – Embrace the Change– understanding the changes in you and making the changes for a brand new you!

Module 2 – Tasting Life, Tasting Love– learn how to cope with relationship and self-esteem changes

Overall, the seniors learn invaluable information and practical tips to help them better manage the aging process by:

  • Realising and understanding changes (in aging)
  • Managing the changes in relationships
  • Coping with losses
  • Identifying “new” purpose in life
  • Legacy coaching

Interested community organizations can contact Vida Ortiz via email: or call 6312 9671 for more information.