Movie Therapy®

Movie Therapy® 

Movie Therapy® is a breakthrough therapy approach that uses movies to help people gain self-awareness and to work on their life issues either through talks/ workshops by our pool of resource speakers. In a driven society such as Singapore, most people would have to juggle between work, family life and a myriad of other responsibilities. Often, these demands – if not properly managed – can result in stress and fatigue in family life and poor mental health.

HOPE worldwide (Singapore) provides Movie Therapy® through …

  • PUBLIC/GROUP EDUCATION TALKS / WORKSHOPS in the following areas:
    • FAMILY LIFE EDUCATIONMarriage, Parenting, Relationship, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Work Life Balance, etc 
    • MENTAL WELLNESS: Positive Mental Health, Self-care, Building Resilience, Anger/Anxiety Management, etc 

    • YOUTH HEALTH (Sexuality): Awareness in Abstinence-until-Marriage Education & Other Healthy Lifestyle Messages, Positive Choice Programme 
  • PERSONAL COUNSELLING SESSIONS (one-to-one/couple/family)
    • Fees charged on a per session basis

To request information, please contact Vida Ortiz at 6312 9671 or email: