Good Enough Parenting Professional Training (22-25 May 2017)


40% VCF Funding Pre-Approval for Singaporean/PR staff of NCSS Member VWOs!

30% Early Bird Discount if paid by 31 March!

40% Discount for SAC and SPS members!

While clinicians and lay leaders attempt to help families resolve their diverse issues, many wonder: is there a preventive approach to equipping parents so that unhealthy patterns in families can be averted, families can be more connected, and children can grow up emotionally healthier and resilient?

Good Enough Parenting (GEP) is the solution to this pressing need. GEP is an in-depth, research-based, evidence-informed parenting programme which zooms in on the emotional and psychological impact of adequately (and inadequately) meeting Core Emotional Needs. It is based on Schema Therapy and endorsed by Dr Jeffrey Young, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, and Founder of Schema Therapy.

Good Enough Parenting is unique as it incorporates Movie Therapy®, where appropriate movie clips are shown to highlight key teaching points. GEP is accredited under the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s FamilyMatters! programme menu.

Who should attend:  

Learning Outcomes: 

What you will receive:

Lunch and tea breaks will be provided throughout the 4-day training.

Key takeaways from this training (and more):

Certified GEP Facilitator
Completing the GEP Professional Training qualifies participants to be a ‘certified GEP Facilitator’. They can utilize the principles taught for one-to-one sessions with parents as well as small group discussions.

Accredited GEP Trainer
Certified GEP Facilitators with relevant qualifications and experience may wish to be an accredited GEP Trainer of HOPEwwS. They will be included in the roster of resource speakers for GEP talks/workshops as arranged by HOPEwwS. Details of this accreditation will be discussed in the Training.

Course Fee: 

$975 (Standard Fees)
$682 (Early Bird Rate)
$585 (40% VCF Grant on Standard Fees)
$585 (40% Discount for SAC & SPS Members on Standard Fees)
$409 (40% VCF Grant on Early Bird Rate)
$409 (40% Discount for SAC & SPS Members on Early Bird Rate)

Terms and Conditions

1. Requirement for VCF Claims: Minimum 75% attendance and completion of evaluation form. In the event that participant does not comply with VCF requirements, participant will be charged by HOPEwwS, the equivalent amount.
2. In the event that participant is unable to attend the workshop, replacement will be allowed. Please notify HOPEwwS by writing at leat 3 days before the actual workshop date.
3. For cancellation made 30 calendar days before the training date, 50% refund will be given. Please allow 30 days to process the refund.
4. No refund will be given for cancellation made less than 30 calendar days form the training date
5. In the even that the training is postponed, registration fees will be brought forward to the subsequent training dates.

Payment Instructions
Please send your crossed cheque marked payable to: HOPE worldwide (S) and mail to: 1 Edgefield Walk S828850. At the back of the cheque, kindly include full name of the registrant, company name and contact number.

Alternatively, you may transfer payment to HOPE worldwide (Singapore) DBS Current account: 001-070707-8. Please notify us by email once bank transfer has been made.


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