Announcement: Reduced Counselling Fees During The Circuit Breaker

The COVID-19 pandemic and safe distancing measures during this circuit breaker period not only caused major interferences in our normal routines but also emotional, relational and psychological impact.

During this period, many of us could be experiencing:

  • increased stress levels due to work-from-home or home-based learning arrangements
  • marital and/or family tensions
  • depressive and anxiety symptoms
  • fear of dying or falling sick or losing job
  • anger or blame towards others
  • feelings of helplessness
  • shame or guilt if infected or quarantined
  • grief over losing a friend or loved one because of the disease
  • worry and concern for those hospitalised or in community facilities
  • other emotional difficulties

As we grapple with the impact of this pandemic on a global scale, we need all the more to enhance our psychological resilience and mental health strategies not only to survive but to thrive during this crisis.

In order to support our clients and beneficiaries during this circuit breaker, HOPEwwS is extending reduced counselling fees based on a sliding scale.

Reduced Counselling Fees will be based on the following household income during the circuit breaker period:

$2,000 and below: $20

$2,001-$3,000: $30

$3,001-$4,000: $50

$4,001-$5,000: $100

$5,001-$10,000: $120

Note: The above fees will apply to new and existing clients. During the circuit breaker, each client can take up to 4 subsidised sessions.

Counselling sessions will be done via online platforms. Please complete our online counselling intake form to facilitate an appointment. We will respond to you within one working day. For more information, please call 6312 9671 or email:

Alternatively, you may call the National CARE Hotline: 6202 6868, the 24/7 hotline manned by volunteer counsellors.


Our Counsellors

Our counsellors have relevant degrees in Psychology or Counselling, be it Bachelor’s degree, Post-Graduate Diploma or Masters level. They are also trained in conducting family life education, health education and mental wellness talks and workshops.

  • Mrs Vida Ortiz
  • Mrs Joyce Tan
  • Dr Agnes Tan
  • Mr Steven Tan
  • Mr Halbert Louis
  • Mrs Bong Louis
  • Mr Richard Cheong
  • Mrs Serina Cheong

External Consultants

  • Mrs Patrice Pedjoe-Lee
  • Mr Lee Teck Ming

To request for an appointment, please complete our online counselling intake form. We will respond to you within 1 working day. For more information, please call 6312 9671 or email:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much is the counselling fee?

During the circuit breaker, we will implement the reduced counselling fees (as low as $20/session) based on household income. Please note that our standard counselling fees are normally between $100 – $150 per session. Payments can be made through PayNow (UEN: S98SS0151F) or via Bank Transfer (Account No.: 001-070707-8, DBS Current Account, HOPE worldwide Singapore).

2. How long is one session?

One session is about one hour. If the session needs to be extended as per client’s request, it will be subject to the availability of the counsellor (as there may be another scheduled client). If counsellor is able to extend the session, the charge will be based on half-hourly rate. All sessions are by appointment only.

3. What is the timing for counselling sessions?

During the circuit breaker, counselling sessions will be done via online platforms. Counselling sessions are held during office hours, Mondays-Fridays 10am – 6pm. Beyond the normal office hours, a surcharge of $20 will apply, subject to date and time mutually agreed upon between the client and counsellor. Once we receive your request for a session, your assigned counsellor will contact you to propose date and timing.

4. What are your counsellors’ qualifications and relevant experiences?

Our counsellors have relevant degrees/training in Psychology or Counselling, be it in Bachelor, Post-Graduate or Masters level. They are also trained in conducting family life education talks and workshops.

5. How many sessions are required?

It depends on the complexity of the issues you are seeking counselling for, but generally 3-4 sessions will be a good start. Your counsellor will advise you whether there is a need for additional sessions. Clients have the right to terminate the sessions anytime.

6. If I missed any appointment, will there be any cancellation charge imposed?

To avoid cancellation charges of $30, please notify us within 24 hours (one working day) before your scheduled appointment.

7. Can I request for a male or female counsellor or a particular counsellor that was recommended to me?

Most certainly, but it will be subject to the availability of our counsellors.

8. Can I be assured of confidentiality?

Our counsellors strictly adhere to clients’ right to confidentiality, however, in cases when the counsellor assesses that clients are a danger to themselves and to others, then the counsellor is ethically and legally bound to inform the relevant authorities.