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HOPEwwS awards bursaries to low-income students

For the first time, HOPE worldwide Singapore offered Bursary Award to four students from low-income families in Punggol on September 23, 2017.

The aim of the bursary award was to provide financial assistance to students to purchases textbooks and uniforms before the next academic year, so as to serve as an encouragement to them to do their best in their studies. Each student received $400 – $500.

It complements the role and function of other financial assistance schemes received by the needy students. Furthermore, the Bursary hoped to motivate the beneficiaries to strive for greater achievements, benefiting themselves and the community.

The beneficiaries were among those who attended weekly tuition offered by volunteers of HOPEwwS.

Shomaila Tariq, one of the students’ parents, said, “My son is looking forward to attend the weekly tuition programme. The volunteers are very responsible dedicated.”

One of the volunteers, Louis Chew, 21, said: “Personally, being involved on a weekly basis with the students really opened my eyes that regardless of age, religion, race or culture, we all need each other and that there’s always someone who is able to help us push through during our hardest time.”


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