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HOPE for Seniors Johnson & Johnson Senior Outreach

On April 13, together with Johnson & Johnson’s volunteers, HOPE worldwide (Singapore) held a befriending session with the seniors at Jalan Kukoh.

There were a total of 18 volunteers and 50 seniors from the senior activity centre. The zeal of the volunteers and their enthusiastic singing made it easy for the seniors to connect and relate to them. While having breakfast, seniors were happily listening to their favourite oldies sang by the volunteers and their fellow seniors.

Beyond simply playing games and receiving prizes, the time spent between the seniors and volunteers was invaluable.

For the volunteers, they left forging greater memories with their colleagues and found joy in serving the community. For the seniors, they were filled with infinite gratitude to have volunteers from all walks of life to bring more excitement and colour into their lives. 

A volunteer, Serene Kueh, said that their smiles remind her of her long lost grand parents.