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HOPE Flag Day “Heart for HOPE”

The HOPE Flag Day is an annual event which aims to raise funds to support the various initiatives of the charity. It is the most anticipated annual fundraising of HOPEwwS, as it brings together volunteers to engage the public for donations.

Our HOPE Flag Day volunteers come from all walks of life: students, parents, professionals, seniors, foreigners and even those who are wheelchair-bound and visually impaired. Some come in groups while others serve as a family.

Each year, we are extremely inspired by the tremendous support we receive from our zealous volunteers. Everyone comes with the heart to advocate for HOPEwwS, and to share about the different programmes in which many of them are also involved.

“Our annual Flag Day has always been a highlight for us because we get to experience the joy of serving alongside our volunteers. We saw hundreds of them come back each year to serve with smiles. We are moved by many personal stories of heartwarming interactions with members of the public,” said Joyce Tan, HOPEwwS CEO.

Our next Flag Day will be in 2021
(date to be confirmed).

We welcome you to support us.

Testimonials from our Volunteers:

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