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Clinicians, Lay Leaders complete Good Enough Parenting Training

25 May 2017 – A total of 103 participants from Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, India, U.S., U.K., and Australia comprising psychologists, therapists, counsellors, social workers and lay leaders came together to attend the Good Enough Parenting (GEP) – Professional Training organised by HOPE worldwide (Singapore).

Held on 22-25 May, the Training was conducted by the programme authors/developers, John and Karen Louis. They presented an in-depth, research-based, evidence-informed background of the GEP programme which zoomed in on the emotional and psychological impact of meeting Core Emotional Needs. GEP is based on Schema Therapy and endorsed by Dr Jeffrey Young, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, and Founder of Schema Therapy.

Incorporating Movie Therapy®, where appropriate movie clips are shown to highlight key teaching points, the participants had an engaging time understanding the key concepts of Nurturing and Exasperation Interactions and, Positive and Negative Schemas.

Sukumaran Nair Indu, Senior Counsellor at Viriya Community Services said: “This GEP gave me a different perspective of parenting in my personal and professional life. The programme covers parenting patterns that are connected positively or negatively to the psychological development outcome. I wish I could have attended this course 20 years ago!”

“It was great as I could relate the principles to my own life. I have always known intuitively that the parent-child is crucial. And am very glad that now there’s research and some structure to this intuition,” enthused Bernadette Chan, Educational Psychologist at SG Enable Ltd.

“We often forget the importance of building a strong and healthy relationship (within the family). We think using strategies to motivate the child to change will be sufficient. Although the children have their individual differences they all have the same fundamental core emotional needs. Parenting is never easy and you have to keep putting in your effort in your child just like how you put in effort in other aspects of your life. It’s never too late to rebuild the relationship but you have to put in effort to do it the helpful way,” shared Liew Shi Hui, Psychologist at AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.

Miss Diana Crichlow, a regional educational consultant from United Kingdom, reflected: “GEP has given me a practical manual on how to help families heal and grow, and in most cases – repair; especially with regard to practical skills of strengthening Core Emotional needs and Nurturing Interactions, and to weaken Exasperation Interactions, which I found extremely helpful. As a single woman in a field of educating children and families, it has given me an invaluable tool in giving hope to parents – as well as understanding how and why damages in families occur.”

GEP is accredited under the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s FamilyMatters! programme menu.