Oasis for Caregivers


Oasis for Caregivers desires to provide emotional support for caregivers who are faced with even greater demands – mentally, physically and emotionally- and are susceptible to burnout due to being confined at home for longer periods, as COVID-19 pandemic continues. Come and register for our upcoming programmes.

Programme Details:

  1. Care for Caregivers (a virtual Self-Care talk)

    Session 1 | 17 Jul 10am -11am

    Session 2 | 24 Aug 10am-11am 

  2. Oasis for Caregivers (a virtual monthly Support group)

    Session 1 | 24 Jul 10 -11 am

    Session 2 | 31 Aug 10 -11 am

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For CSR collaborations, volunteering opportunities and other enquiries, please contact: adrian_ng@hopewwsea.org.

To engage us for Movie Therapy workshops for seniors, please contact: rebekah_lai@hopewwsea.org.