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Befriending seniors at Lions Befrienders SAC with Johnson & Johnson

On 11 Aug 2016, HOPE worldwide (Singapore) and 10 members from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Regulatory Compliance-Asia Pacific collaborated in organising games for the elderly at Lions Befriender Senior Activity Centre, Ghim Moh Road.

The half-day event brought great joy and laughter to the elderly.  The elderly were all very enthusiastic in guessing the picture drawn by J&J associates and the words “Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!”  were resounding throughout the Bingo game.

Refreshments were served and gift sets, which comprised of J&J Products, were given to the elderly at the end of the games. They also brought food to the homes of 7 elderly who were unable to participate in the activities planned.

 “What might seem like a mere 2 hours to us is something our elderly friends look forward to, and this simple act of providing companionship to them can go a long way in bringing joy to their lives. An 87-year-old elderly woman was so happy to meet us. As we chatted over tea, I could not help but notice how happy and relaxed she became since the session started. We started on games that stimulated the elderly’s cognitive abilities. It was encouraging to notice that she was trying so hard to focus on the activities. They really enjoyed playing Bingo,” said a volunteer from J&J as he reflected on his experience.

 “Spending time with the elderly is a fulfilling and enriching experience. The activities can also inculcate a sense of humility, empathy and service leadership – it also builds morale amongst the employees. This volunteering opportunity has also opened my eyes to numerous ways in which we can reach out to the needy around us, and that a simple act on our part can significantly impact the lives of those we touch,” he added.

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