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Befriending seniors at AWWA Home with Johnson & Johnson

HOPE worldwide (Singapore), together with a team from Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd (J&J) embraced the seniors at Ang Mo Kio AWWA Home with games, conversations and gifts.

More than just distribution of dry rations and J&J complimentary travel packs, the time spent with the seniors were invaluable. The volunteers played three games with the seniors; Pictionary, Memory Game and Calligraphy. It was a multi-racial mix of people; from the volunteers to the seniors and their multilingual cultures. Yet they were interwoven seamlessly as the common language was the human touch and laughter.

For the volunteers who were part of the same team in their office, they left forging greater memories with their colleagues and joy in serving the community. For the seniors, they were filled with much gratitude to have volunteers from all walks of life to bring more excitement and colour into their lives.

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